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MJC Workshop #2 - Neuroplasticity & movement education

Photo by angelhell/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by angelhell/iStock / Getty Images


Lørdag: 3. March
Time:  10-16
Place: Hansteens gate 1, 0253 Oslo
           The Room/Pilates Room
Price:  1500 kr./person

Improve neuromuscular skeletal integration.

This workshop focuses on balance. Learn how to improve balance and proprioception through movement, strength, and good posture (OF COURSE)! Using his SNEM* protocol, Michael will guide you through carefully selected movement patterns and exercises that facilitate improved neuromuscular skeletal function. You will learn how to build more strength and stability, as well as improve vital movement patterns through everyday movement and even … dance!

*SNEM - Structure, nutrition, emotion & movement (with sprinkles of Z-health and Foundation Training)

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