The 12-Step Protocol

12 Sessions

The method consists of 12 sessions (60 minutes) that combine machine adjustments, manual techniques, and exercises based on scientific principles of neurology, anatomy, and movement education.

Three levels The protocol has three levels and and targets important neuromuscular skeletal functions, such as: 1) posture, 2) balance, and 3) vision. Each step consists of four sessions. After the first four sessions (step one), most clients experience better function and have less pain.


An important element of the protocol is the focus on structure, nutrition, emotion (stress input), and movement (SNEM). The goal is to teach clients to optimize and maintain healthy neuromuscularskeletal functions. 

SNEM is important for preventing future dysfunctional conditions and chronic pain. You will also learn exercises that support integration of your structure and nervous system. 

After completing the 12-step protocol, clients experience enhanced performance of daily physical activities, sports, and training programs.


Jaw Balance -- Posture's best-kept secret

  Henry Gray  (1918)  Anatomy of the Human Body. Plate 995.  Henry Vandyke Carter [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

Henry Gray (1918) Anatomy of the Human Body. Plate 995. Henry Vandyke Carter [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

In session four of the 12-Step protocol, clients have the opportunity customize an AmourBite mouth guard. Jaw balance is an integral part of my manual strategies, and is important for posture, balance, and retraining proprioception. 


When distorted, the posture of the human body negatively affects factors, such as vision, trigeminal afferents, head-neck position, and proprioception. As part of the 12-Protocol, I explore how interference and disturbance from the jaw, bite, and teeth position influence symptoms of neuromuscular-skeletal conditions. 

Clients with a variety of neuromuscular-skeletal conditions and symptoms have benefited from improved jaw balance. I have observed that clients with balance problems, for example, less interference from the TMJ facilitated faster integration of the vestibular system. Both the client and I experienced an improvement in their overall structural integrity and function of the whole body. 

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